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31-May-2018 06:37

You need to ensure that users cannot inject active Java Script content into your pages.

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When you use standard Transact SQL it is easy to unknowingly insert rogue code into your query that could be used to change tables, get information and delete data.

You can easily prevent this by always using parameterised queries, most web languages have this feature and it is easy to implement.

For example, if you're using My SQLi in PHP this should become: Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks inject malicious Java Script into your pages, which then runs in the browsers of your users, and can change page content, or steal information to send back to the attacker.

For example, if you show comments on a page without validation, then an attacker might submit comments containing script tags and Java Script, which could run in every other user's browser and steal their login cookie, allowing the attack to take control of the account of every user who viewed the comment.

Other very common ways to abuse compromised machines include using your servers as part of a botnet, or to mine for Bitcoins. Hacking is regularly performed by automated scripts written to scour the Internet in an attempt to exploit known website security issues in software.