Vista thumbnail is not updating

05-Jan-2018 03:01

Note that the retail (RTM) version of Office 2010 fixed the need for additional registry changes.The fix tool now has a checkbox to specify whether or not you need the Office 2010 beta fixes.December 2014: A new, improved version is coming soon![Update 02/May/2011: New version of the thumbnail fix which hopefully fixes PDF thumbnails appearing for the wrong files.That isn't actually my account (this is the first time I've needed one since I closed mine a while ago) but it belongs to a friend who will pass on the money provided the note makes it clear who it's for. differences between Windows 7 clean vs upgrade installs).:-) For the preview handler problem, I wrote a program to automate the required registry changes. This program was written in my spare time and is given away for free.

If everything is good already then the preview handler fix won't change anything.

Half a year after I published the information, Adobe finally incorporated the preview handler fix (but no thumbnails fix, and they leave the preview handler broken if you upgraded from Vista to Windows 7) into the installer for Adobe Reader 9.3.2 (April 2010).

Maybe in 2011 Adobe will manage to fix the thumbnails as well; until then you can get my fix for them below.

I wrote it due to the popularity of the fix, to help non-technical people, and to celebrate Adobe ignoring the problem for another three months even though the solution was given to them on a plate. Details of the registry fix are still provided below, for those who wish to make the changes by hand, but using the program is recommended for most people, especially less technical people.

The preview handler fix tool: Checks that Adobe Reader's preview handler is associated with PDF files.Note that, at the time of writing, Adobe's website only lets you download Adobe Reader 9.3.0 and you must run its update checker after installing it in order to get the latest version with the x64 fix.