Updating perl howto

06-Jul-2018 16:29

Solaris provides "pkgchk -n" which checks the package databases against the size, permissions and checksums of actually installed files.

This is useful and recommended, however checksums can be fooled and the package database can itself be manipulated, so it is no protection against the clever attacker (or the script Kiddie with a clever rootkit).

The packages would also correct the pkg database so that 'pkgchk -n' would not report permissions errors after the SUID files had been adapted.

You should regularly check the integrity of files on the system, to be assured that they have not been maliciously modified.

BUT, it make forensics more difficult in case of an intrusion, since access times are not recorded.

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Possible strategies are: : Patches may reverse some of Jass's changes.initialise tripwire's database and then run regular checks to monitor for changes.

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