Updating firmware on e620

21-Apr-2018 11:31

However, the E620 has a sensor height of 3024 pixels, compared to 2448 pixels for the E500.

This means 0.73 x 0.71 lines per pixel on the E620 compared to 0.74 x 0.67 lines per pixel on the E500 - in other words, it should give as good pixel-level sharpness at the E500.

Gives some improvement.- lense: is a mark I, but with firmware updated.- have read in that the sharpness of the jpgs from the E-620 is considerably lower than with the E-500 (however, it is said that Raw is better than with E-500)- wil try to experiment with settings, and let you know about the results. HI Jakob, - I usually shoot RAW too, but found out my i Photo'09 software by Apple doesn't offer a RAW converter for the E-620. It's also possible that you have front/back focussing issues with the lens - the classic way to test this is with a diagonal ruler (is the plane of focus where you expect it to be).

Can't figure out why I have it with the E-620I shoot with IS on setting '1', and with the 14-54mm pro lens. Images that seem tack sharp appear to be unsharp when really magnifying specific parts of the image. If the lens is older than the E-620, the firmware probably needs to be updated. If updating the firmware does not help, you should be able to calibrate focus manually, as I understand it.

May I ask at what apperture you were shooting these pictures?

They seem not to be suffering from unsharpness cause there are areas which are tack sharp. And that creates a lot of unsharpness in some areas specially the sides or the corners. May I ask at what apperture you were shooting these pictures?

Maintaining updated Dell Latitude D620 software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.

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Using outdated or corrupt Dell Latitude D620 drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail.

The E620 is supported by the free 'Raw Photo Processor' ( which is a Mac program, you might want to try this.