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20-Mar-2018 10:17

The real problem is that dating apps are inherently flawed.They skew attraction on a superficial level, of which race is undoubtedly the most sensitive category.“Everyone knows him here, no-one would take advantage.The people are nice and everyone feels safe.” Wandin is in the foothills of the Dandenongs, with an entry point to the Warburton (Warby) Trail, a 40-kilometre path following the historic rail line through the Yarra Valley.

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Robust laughs from women serving in the Wandin North bakery can be heard a few doors down.

Preferences aren’t supposed to be completely exclusive. Alarm bells should only ring when preferences become inflexible or are informed by general ideas as opposed to genuine experience.

It’s not only unfair, but also unrealistic to say that we shouldn’t have preferences about who we date.

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However, it would be naive to think that it’s really as simple as that.In Wandin North, 42 kilometres east of the CBD, people know each other, so unaccountable anonymous outrage isn’t so freely shared.