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16-May-2018 15:21

So what's the difference between the Contacts folder, the Outlook address book, the Windows address book and if you have used Outlook with an Exchange server, the Personal Address book and the Global Address book?The Outlook Address Book is a property assigned to a source of contact information.The Contacts folder used in Outlook is automatically assigned as an OAB, you cannot change this.If you create another folder in Outlook containing contacts you can manually assign this folder to be an OAB: So now you have two OAB's, the default contacts folder and your custom contacts folder.The WAB is an interface you can run even outside Outlook; from the start menu select 'RUN' and type WAB and you will see the same dialog as you see when clicking the address book icon from within Outlook.If you run Outlook as a client to Microsoft Exchange server (= Outlook 2000 in Corporate Workgroup mode) you also have to deal with: Does Osa Sync support a direct cable connection instead of a real network? As long as Windows can recognize your computers via your network neighborhood (or 'my network places') Osa Sync can also.

How to disable/enable Osa Sync from running inside Outlook If you encounter problems running Osa Sync within Outlook you can disable the Osa Sync add-in from loading when Outlook starts.

This window is just another view on your folders assigned as an OAB.