Java updating remote database wheesung dating

13-Sep-2017 13:57

The URL used is dependent upon the particular database and JDBC driver.

It will always begin with the "jdbc:" protocol, but the rest is up to the particular vendor.

The first configuration involves a JDBC driver running on the database host machine and interacting directly with the relational database.

The JDBC client, consisting of JDBC API code plus the JDBC driver, resides either on a remote machine or on the database host itself.

It is recommended that the SQLException be translated into an application domain exception (an unchecked one) that eventually results in a transaction rollback and a notification to the user.

Going into 2018, here are a few things you should know.Data is retrieved from the database using a database query mechanism.The example below shows creating a statement and executing a query. There is typically very little one can do to recover from such an error, apart from logging it with as much detail as possible.Individual columns in a row are retrieved either by name or by column number. The row result set has metadata that describes the names of the columns and their types.

There is an extension to the basic JDBC API in the methods is used to create a JDBC connection.

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