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License Fees; Exemption for Service Animals REGISTRATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF DOGS 287.301 Dogs; tattooing of serial number; application, fee.

26, 2016 287.305 Lost dog; finder entitled to fee for keeping.

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City, village, or township animal control ordinances, authorization, contents; proof of vaccination for rabies SERVICE ANIMALS 287.291 . Injuries by dogs; liability of owners USE OF DOGS AND CATS FOR RESEARCH 287.381 . Licenses; applications; fees, amount, disposition 287.383 . Violations; penalties LIABILITY OF OWNER FOR DOG BITE 287.351 . 26, 2016 287.308 Taking Registered Dog or Failing to Report Possession of Stray Dog; Penalties DANGEROUS ANIMALS 287.321 Definitions. Complaints; retention, destruction of animal; court orders to protect public 287.323 . Registration of animal control shelters, animal protection shelters, large-scale dog breeding kennels; applicability 287.337 . Inspection of animal control shelters of animal protection shelters 287.338a .

Pet shop licenses; application; fees; duration; renewal; processing 287.335 Inspection of pet shop premises. Importation, sale, adoption, exchange, or transfer of dogs and cats; prohibitions and requirements; pet health certificates for dogs, cats, and ferrets 287.336 . 287.262 Licensing and control of dogs; hunting dogs; female dogs in heat; straying dogs Sec. It shall be unlawful for any person to own any dog 6 months old or over, unless the dog is licensed as hereinafter provided, or to own any dog 6 months old or over that does not at all times wear a collar with a tag approved by the director of agriculture, attached as hereinafter provided, except when engaged in lawful hunting accompanied by its owner or custodian; or for any owner of any female dog to permit the female dog to go beyond the premises of such owner when she is in heat, unless the female dog is held properly in leash; or for any person except the owner or authorized agent, to remove any license tag from a dog; or for any owner to allow any dog, except working dogs such as leader dogs, guard dogs, farm dogs, hunting dogs, and other such dogs, when accompanied by their owner or his authorized agent, while actively engaged in activities for which such dogs are trained, to stray unless held properly in leash. The state treasurer is hereby authorized to advance to the said commission, out of any funds of the state, such sum of money as may be necessary from time to time to pay for the tags so purchased by the state live stock sanitary commission, which sum shall be repaid to the state treasurer from the money collected from the county treasurers in payment for the tags. A license shall not be issued under subsection (3)(d), (e), or (f) if the dog's current rabies vaccination will expire more than 1 month before the date on which that license would expire.