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13-Dec-2017 11:27

દેખાવો અને આડંબરોથી સ્વયંને દૂર રાખો.સમ્માનમાં કમીના અવસરનો સંદેશ કાર્યની ગતિને પ્રભાવિત કરશે.

ધર્મ-કર્મમાં ખર્ચ થશે.બધી દિશાથી શ્રેષ્ઠ પરિણામ આવશે.

On January 25, the victim filed an FIR in Naliya police station, alleging BJP leaders Shantilal Solanki, Govind Parumalani, Ajit Ramvani and Vasant Bhanushali, and others including local some businessmen, had raped her repeatedly in various locations such as the houses of the other accused BJP leaders and in cars and hotels since August 2015.

She also alleged that the accused had been running a sex racket in the area, and that they lured women into it by offering them jobs.

However, according to Opposition's allegations, 60 such I-cards were released, NDTV reported.

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કાર્ય અને વ્યવસાયના ક્ષેત્રમાં યોગ્ય સફળતા પ્રાપ્ત થશે. જીવનસાથીથી આર્થિક મતભેદ, વિવાદ થઈ શકે છે.પ્રયત્નોથી લાભ થશે.

Minister of State for Home, Pradipsinh Jadeja had earlier declared that those within the party found guilty shall not be spared.

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