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30-Jan-2018 16:29

Also, do you think its reasonable to not use nappies for naps right from day 1 (fully protecting the bed of course), or should I use nappies for the first few days/weeks, and then cut out the nappies?

I have no intention of stopping the night-time nappies for quite some time.

I know that means more washing and inconvenience but surely thats part of the learning process?What do you all think about going to softplay and putting a nappy on?I certainly don't want to create confusion, which is why I thought putting a nappy over pants may be a good compromise?I want to be 100% comfortable in my approach, which will hopefully make my DD comfortable with it to.

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I plan to take a week off work to start the training and then will work with my childminder there after.

If you want to use a potty or a travel potty thats obviously up to you but i personally think using a travel potty in public is a bit gross and it should be used in a toilet.

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