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He reached his other hand around to her breast and tweaked her nipple hard, and the first orgasm rolled into another. She tried to pull back and tell him to pull out, but he held her neck and came deep inside of her pussy. He grazed a thumb over her full lower lip and said, "And this mouth, that's mine too." He leaned further forward and took her lip between his teeth, and then kissed her roughly. She stood very still as he had his way with her mouth, only wishing that he'd pull her pants down and fuck her again.

He stayed inside her while they caught their breath, and then pulled his still-hard dick out. He pulled back, though, and gave her lip another nip.

If you're new to the story, part one can be found here: https:// Hope you enjoy ;) ***** It was three weeks after the unexpected threesome with the chiropractor and his patient, and life had mostly gone back to normal for Diana- if being bent over her desk and fucked by the doctor at random intervals was normal.

She hadn't been so satisfied since high school, when the entire basketball team took turns fucking her between classes.

Four men stood in the dimly lit room, dicks in their hands.

A huge bottle of lube sat on a desk in the corner, along with several bottles of whiskey.

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She pumped the dildo in and out as the tingling began deep in her belly.This is casual sex xxx dating where you can find a woman and register for free sex dating online and find out what is the best place to find a fuck buddy or find fuck buddies for that matter.Enjoy UK Sex Adult Dating at 121247- where sexy men and sexy women come together.On this day she had been used in her mouth and ass three times before noon, and the doctor told her to go lie down in a treatment room for a much needed rest.

She dozed off as soon as her head hit the treatment table. She could hear the murmur of several people talking outside of the room.With one hand he reached out and held her jaw, and the other down to grab her pussy through her scrub pants. She took the love button between her forefinger and thumb, rolling it gently back and forth.