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17-Jun-2018 02:43

However we haven't found anything suggesting that any of the other global moderators (or anyone else) replaced Digital Alch as Administrator.

The 3rd November 2012 a user, flush, registers an account on the forum and few days later starts to be active as what looks like a Silk Road support role.

One guy who seems to have attracted (screenshot) a lot (screenshot) of attention (screenshot) and questions (screenshot) for his listing of kilos (screenshot 1 and screenshot 2) goes by the name of "nob".

Some users on the forum even thinks the low enforcement scam (screenshot) is too big to be true (screenshot).

What follow is not a parallel construction and the observations are based on a timeline following our findings.

As noticed by another vendor, in theory it could have been the "MOD" who took the incentive to back Nob, however in another enigmatic message googleyed1 doesn't rule this possibility and says "yes this is true, but there have been some other things I don't want to talk about" (screenshot 1 and screenshot 2).

However looking at the timeline and other particularities of both accounts one could extrapolate the same person managed both handles :) Googleyed1 is 100% confident chronicpain was the "Employee" who got busted.

It could be explained by the fact that chronicpain was using his "chronicpain" handle to communicate with googleyed1 and his "flush" handle to communicate with UC/nob.

Since the original work some of the hyperlinks are dead due to the original Silk Road forum shut down.

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However, the screenshots are still valid and should hopefully provide enough understanding of the context and accurate information Digital Alch will eventually "resign" the 16th July 2012 and thus let the forum administrator position vacant.In any case it looked like Googleyed1 was quite confident the deal will go through and started advertising its new product on the forum (screenshot).

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