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“I spanked you, I finger-banged you,” he says, but then “you passed out in the shower.” The studio felt that “finger-banged” was too bald, so Faris suggested that they get “someone with a really funny voice, someone like Aziz”—the comedian Aziz Ansari—“to dub the message, and then we can put ‘finger-banged’ back in.” “Absolutely!” Mylod said, and Faris gave him a gentle smile, knowing that it probably wouldn’t happen. hundred thousand.” Watching me, she said, “Maybe it’s better as ‘Five’—a longer beat, a sudden realization—“ ‘.’ Better? After a moment, she added, “The truth is—and it’s kind of embarrassing, because I’m thirty-four, but I’ve been married twice, so I’ve been out of commission for a while—the real number The Bechdel Test, established in 1985 by the cartoonist Alison Bechdel and her friend Liz Wallace, is a way of examining movies for gender bias.

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” the director, Mark Mylod, asked solicitously.“My face! The mechanism that makes Faris Hollywood’s most original comic actress—a face as diagnostic as a polygraph pen—starts to quiver whenever she sees herself act or feels an ambient skepticism.She’s an executive producer of the film, she helped select Mylod as the director from New Regency’s list of candidates, and she persuaded the studio to spend twenty-four million dollars building the film around her—but her power over its final shape was minimal. “The owners and jockeys stay over on the West Side, making the decisions, and we stay over here in our little stables in Hollywood, getting all doped up and ready to run.”In the parking lot afterward, Faris stood by her Mini Cooper convertible and said she’d been preparing for the inevitable question when she begins to publicize the film: (Her name is pronounced “Ahn-a,” not “An-a,” but Faris is too polite to correct anyone.) “Here’s my answer,” she said, preparing a sincere face: “It’s five . The test poses three questions: Does a movie contain two or more female characters who have names? And, if so, do they discuss something other than a man?