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To contact us - email Hi Nicole just wondering if you could help find our brother who was adopted out when he was a baby, details we have are as follows: 1: Born August 1974 at Royal Womens Hospital in Carlton Victoria to Marlene Wright 2: Our brother was named Steven by our mother however his adopted parents then changed his name to Paul 3: Last known area to be living was either Mornington Victoria or Wyndham Vale Victoria 4: We know Paul is married and has a little son 5: When last tried looking, Paul was working or studying Horticulture and may of possibly owned his own company Thank you so much Nicole, Carly If you know the whereabouts (or if it's you they're looking for) of anyone listed on this page then you can contact me and I will pass along a message to the other party for you.To contact us - phone 0422 341 955 or email I'm sorry that I don't have much info but these are the details - His name is Peter, he was between the ages of 19-21 when I met him back in March of 2004.The mothers were different people with possible names of Emily/Emma and the other mother possible name is Amanda.Who lived and worked in the southern Sydney area and there is time periods.At the time Kelly's mum was known as a Lesley Mc Kee (her married name).She also frequently used her middle name Kaye, so she may have been known as Kaye Mc Kee.We won't pass on anyone's details unless it's what you specifically want.

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My partner's name is Benjamin and his mothers name when he was born was Deborah Wright.

His mothers maiden name was Leonie Marriott which is now Leonie Smith.