Backdating an employment contract start date

03-Jul-2018 20:35

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For existing agreements, however, there’s a time lag, which is the same as for the new laws addressing “zero hour” contracts: A collective agreement can include more than one employer and more than one union.Employment Relations Act 2000, s 56 For you to be covered by a collective agreement your job must come within the scope of the agreement and you must be a member of the union that negotiated it.The terms of your individual agreement will be whatever is negotiated between you and your employer. You as an individual can negotiate your own additional terms while still being part of the collective agreement, as long as the additional terms aren’t inconsistent with the collective agreement.Not being inconsistent generally means that the additional terms must deal with issues not covered by the collective agreement, or must be better than minimum terms in the collective agreement.If you’re not a union member you can decide to join the union and you’ll then be covered by the collective agreement.If there’s no collective agreement, or if there’s a collective agreement but you’re not a union member, then you’ll be on an individual employment agreement.

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Every employee must have a written employment agreement.

Your boss must keep a signed copy of the agreement and must give you a copy, whether you ask for one or not.