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At the murder trial of Knox and Sollecito, American legal commentators were disturbed by courtroom attacks on her character and evidence officially ruled improper being heard by the jury nonetheless.Both Knox and Sollecito were found guilty, which caused international controversy, as US forensic experts thought evidence at the crime scene was incompatible with their involvement.Knox first travelled to Italy at the age of 15, when she visited Rome, Pisa, the Amalfi Coast, and the ruins of Pompeii on a family holiday.Her interest in the country was increased by the book Under the Tuscan Sun, a copy of which her mother gave to her.Sollecito, from Italy, and Knox, a college student from Seattle, spent four years in prison until an appeals court acquitted them in 2011 due to insufficient evidence.But two months ago, Italy’s highest court overturned that decision and ordered a new trial to begin within the next year.I already know that I'm innocent and we already have proved it.

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There had reportedly not been a killing in the city for 20 years, but its prosecutors had been responsible for Italy's most controversial murder cases.

Amanda Knox on Kercher’s family: ‘I hope they read my book’ “Do you have faith in the Italian justice system?

staying with his current girlfriend in a hotel between the northern towns of Udine and Tarvisio just miles from the Austrian border.

His passport has been seized and his documents marked to prevent him from fleeing Italy, and when his sentence is confirmed, he will be taken to prison to serve 25 years for the alleged crime.

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While Sollecito's lawyer insists he was not planning on leaving the country, the court handed down the travel ban after noting a "real and actual danger that Sollecito could escape Italian justice."Both Sollecito and Knox were originally found guilty of the murder in 2009, and handed sentences totaling over 50 years.

In 2015, the murder case against her was dismissed by the Supreme Court of Italy, which definitively acquitted Knox and Sollecito of any involvement.