Accommodating slow learner

22-Apr-2018 03:23

it makes about as much sense as everyday people learning to adapt to and maximize the capabilities of a computer made with say windows 92.leave the dying to die and make better use of your efforts I say. I doubt too many western farmers know the optimum way to plow a field using a mule either.Notwithstanding the technological shift in automobile transmissions, there is still a case to be made for the good old-fashioned manual shift.A part of this case is that it really isn't all that difficult to learn manual or "stickshift." And if you really learn it well, there are benefits, not just in terms of cost, but in control over the relationship between engine and wheels. Very many drivers have a poor understanding of this power relationship and it causes problems - especially in adverse driving conditions such as icy surfaces or negotiating difficult terrain.Doing what you describe is a quick way to ruin your clutch. automatic is the modern more user effecient thing right?wouldn't logic dictate that manual should be dying out?Once this concept of friction point and engine response becomes internalized the rest of learning manual shift is easy.The repeated rough engagements that can so quickly wipe out a clutch won't occur.

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This is also true of automatic transmissions of course, since they allow some choice over gears, but it's harder with automatic, and manual forces the issue. In fact, some professional driving instructors argue that every beginner should start out on manual to ensure they learn the essentials right from the start.i am encountering a problem with my 2007 civic, i tried reversing it & it couldnt while the reverse light was ON showing its engage but the car couldnt reverse. THIS REALY SUCKS....what about the driver who rear ended those cars you mentioned.....??? Now I don't know how big this is but ...I'm guessing right, the driver's seat must be positioned relatively "high" on those trucks, so....come he didn't see all those things going on in front of him ????

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